OBC has created beverages that enjoy high popularity and closed a "beverage gap" at that time. They are champenoise, fruity, fresh and can boost your creativity. One can even speak of a "champenoisen drink", which is produced by the classic craft method Champenoise, an apple secco, cider or cidre.

Our cidre is a refreshing drink for all ages who are over 18 years old and those who are looking for an alternative to today's beers and cidres produced by market controlling breweries.

Ein taste experience for connoisseurs!

The OBC Classic consists of 100% apple and contains only 3.5% alcohol. It is partially fermented and inspires with a balanced bouquet of malic acid and fruity loveliness. The OBC Strong also consists of 100% apple and contains 5.0% alcohol. It is final fermented and convinces with its fruity, tart taste. The OBC Rosé was born by using currant juice and did not come on the market until 2 years later. OBC Rose is unique because there has been no cidre rosé on the German beverage market to date. The OBC Rose consists of 98% apple cidre and 2% currant juice, is also final fermented and contains 5% alcohol.

OBC Bio is produced according to the requirements of the organic certification DE-ÖKO-007. The unfiltered organic apple juice from organic farming gives the OBC Bio a fresh full fruit taste. So it is also a "Kraft Cidre"!

Fermentation with vegan yeast supports gentle light fermentation. With regard to the yeast in the OBC Bio, the responsible vegan can enjoy the refined taste of our product since 2016. OBC Bio is slightly fermented and has 4% Alc. The OBC Bio bottle is supported with a vegan label and vegan glue.

Due to the high-quality demands that OBC places on its raw materials and the manufacturing process, as well as the large customer base, especially in Berlin, we also opened the door to our vegan friends with the introduction of the OBC Bio, which is produced according to the requirements of the organic certification DE-ÖKO-007.

Original Berlin Cider

The original Berlin cidres are cidres of a special kind. For the production of OBC cidre, only selected apple varieties are used, and in particular only freshly picked apples. Unlike many other types of cider and cidre, no fallen fruit is used for OBC. This fact is reflected in the lighter color of OBC and a more fruity taste. It is precisely this fact that means a unique selling point of OBC, which no other German provider has yet achieved to this extent.

By using a special yeast variety, the fermentation process can achieve an extremely fresh taste, which is in no way inferior to the "tart" of a good cidre. Through a portfolio of four products to date, a variety of flavors have been achieved. Due to the filling in clear 0.33l bottles, the color variants of the portfolio come to bear perfectly, and our fans can already recognize which flavor awaits them by the product color.

This impression is further enhanced by the additional colour contrast of the respective label. The choice of colour green, for the Classic, once again underlines the lightness and freshness. The warm and soft red for the rosé clearly shows the additional fruit content. The Strong with a white - black label stands for the strong and timeless variant. Despite the color variants of the product portfolio, it is clearly communicated that it is always a pure product, and no dyes or additives are used. By choosing a modern, but at the same time classic label with the Brandenburg Gate, which carries an apple instead of the Quadriga, OBC also has a unique selling point. Almost all competing products are either classically modelled on the French cidré, have the typical cider "pub" label, or even go into a comic-like motif in the case of "the Äppelwois".

OBC is now perceived as a high-quality classic drink, which is fruitful and memorable. Since OBC was the first cidre that could be found partly in the German retail trade, it also deserves "the title", "THE GERMAN CIDRE"!

So far, the product range of OBC consists of these four variants, which are offered via our shop either in six-packs, 12 packs and 24 packs.